The most beautiful paragliding spots

While travelling across France and the world, Loulou has discovered and re-discovered incredible and magical places ! As you’ll find out, a small mound of grass or sand and a bit of wind in the right direction is enough to take off, alone or in tandem ! As his speciality is speed flying, he can innovate and fly even where you usually can’t fly at all !

As we’re equipped with different-sized wings, the stronger the wind, the smaller the wing size and we can fly like seagulls.

The best spot in Valloire and Valmeinier in winter

Valloire and Valmeinier are two ski resort villages sharing the same ski area and situated in the Maurienne valley in Savoie. Valmeinier village is 1500m above sea-level : it’s a typically Savoyard village – you’ll see the church, hamlets, pretty chalets and the forest… The resort’s centre, at 1800m above sea-level, is at the heart of the action. Here you’ll find the majority of the resort’s accommodation and shops. The two resort altitudes are linked by shuttle buses allowing you to move from one to the other easily. The Galibier Thabor ski area, with 170km of runs, links the Valloire and Valmeinier resorts. In 2019 the resort had the honour of inaugurating the new Sandonnière chairlift, the highest point of the Maurienne at an altitude of 2750m. Can you imagine the view from up there ?

What better than to fly over these vast snowy landscapes in a tandem paraglider with skis on your feet? Valloire and Valmeinier offer a complete family winter sport experience but also après-ski activities such as sledging in a group with Snake Gliss, hiking or snow-shoeing with Bazil Bouzandoc, or a dog-sledding trip. And why not visit the brewery or the goat farm after your time in the fun area, as well as many other local producers and craftspeople. They’re all impatiently waiting to greet you in the snow.


Paragliding baptism in Maurienne with ENVERGURE

The best spot in Valloire and Valmeinier in summer

In the summer, Valloire and Valmeinier offers you a 100% natural landscape. The mountains are green and dotted with colourful pink epilobes which offer a postcard perfect contrast at sunset. Those who love walking and family groups will enjoy the paths accessible for all levels. The Neuvache river flows in the bottom of the valley in a Natura 2000 zone which protects its flora and fauna. You can discover the famous Lac Vert, the Terre Rouge mountain refuge, the Curtalès lake and of course, Mont Thabor.

The “Jeux” (Olympics) chairlift, which leaves from the centre of the resort, is accessible to pedestrians and will take you up to 2400m altitude to offer you an incredible view of the Aiguilles d’Arves. You’ll also have the opportunity to spot a golden eagle close up, a short-toed snake eagle or a bearded vulture and you’ll be watched by our friends the marmots with their beady black eyes, their long teeth and their silky coat. Make the most of this exceptional natural environment by flying on a paraglider with Envergure. Enjoy the sensation of freedom and observe the birds even more closely.


Baptism paraglider Valloire Valmeinier with Envergure

The best spot in Kervel

Kervel is a vast beach of fine sand bordering the Bay of Douarnenez in Finistère, Brittany. On a windy day we were able to take off from the beach in a tandem paraglider and enjoyed flying over the Brittany coastline with its cliffs and green pastures. Seen from above, this coast is even more magnificent.

Situated in the south of Finistère between the Atlantic Ocean and the countryside, in the village of Plonévez Porzay and only 45 minutes away from the most Western point of France, the Pointe du Raz, a classified Great National Site. It’s an exceptional place which attracts many summer tourists. Kervel beach, lying between steep rocks and an emerald sea provides an incredible panoramic view, above all when seen from the sky ! Walkers can enjoy the new hiking routes, families can enjoy the long beach and those with an appetite shouldn’t miss the creperie just a stone’s throw from the beach. What better way to spend time than enjoying a Brittany galette while watching the paragliders play with the landforms and the wind, just in front of your eyes ?


Paragliding Brittany take off from the beach in a tandem paraglider

The best spot in Col du Glandon

The Col du Glandon has become legendary for Wagga mountain sessions since Loulou first explored this spot some years ago. Breathtaking images of speed flying combining speed and precision on the road leading to the Col du Glandon, also famous for the cycling Tour de France. In the middle of the cars and the cycles, Loulou finds his own way through !

The mountain pass, culminating at 1924m altitude, is located between the Belledonne and Arves mountains, 3km to the west of the Col de la Croix de Fer, linking the Romanche valley with those of Maurienne, Isère and Savoie. Well-known thanks to the Tour de France cycling race, it is one of the most difficult Maurienne mountain passes for cyclists. The road leading up from Saint-Jean de Maurienne is open from June to October, the ideal period for Loulou who enjoys making the most of the gentle landscape and the slopes perfectly inclined for flying close to the ground with the paraglider. The panoramic view is breathtaking with a view over the summits and the Aiguilles d’Arve. From the Col du Glandon, walk up to the top of the car park. Your gaze will be drawn to the Mont Blanc.


Paragliding free session “on the road”

The best spot in Ile de Ré and Gohaud beach

The sandy beaches and the exceptional natural environment make the Ile de Ré an ideal holiday destination. A jewel in the crown of the Charente Maritime region, off the coast of La Rochelle, the island can be reached by an impressive bridge. In a few minutes, you leave the mainland and find yourself on this pretty little island, 30km long and between 76m and 5km wide. It’s easy to discover the island by bicycle with its numerous cycle paths – it’s an ideal way to enjoy the landscape and discover the ten unusual villages nestled between the ocean, salt marshes, dunes and dams. A perfect location for paragliding.

One of the tallest lighthouses in France can be found here: the Baleines lighthouse. 57m tall, built in 1849 and classified as a Historic Monument , it offers a breathtaking panoramic view.

The Gohaud beach, is of course on the mainland, situated in the village of Saint Michel in the Loire Atlantique. The beautiful beach can be found between tiny coves with some elevated landforms, making it possible to have fun with a paraglider.


Wagas Free Spots

The best spot in Capbreton

The art of street flying was born from a speed flying flight with his 4 year-old son on his second flight and playing with natural elements such as fence posts.

Located on the Atlantic coast in the heart of Gascony to the south of the Gironde and to the north of the Basque Country, on the road of the Dune du Pilat and close to Spain, the pretty village of Capbreton is the mecca for surfers, near to Biarritz and Hossegor. The vast sandy beaches, long forest walks and cycle paths are an invitation to wander at your own rhythm. This seaside resort provides the opportunity to do many different activities: hiking, cycling, fishing, bathing, and paragliding !

What would you say to a long week-end in the Landes ? On your programme : lazing around, the gentle life, and admiration… Look up and you’ll see us paragliding just over the small dyke! If you come by this way, don’t forget to visit the Criée market where the fish will be reaching out their fins to you !


Paragliding Free Session “Waggas Child”

The best spot in Dunes de Biville

The dunes of Biville cover more than 700 hectares of coastline of La Hague in the Cotentin peninsula. It’s a mosaic of dunes and small lagoons. In the neighbouring village is the Mare de Vauville nature reserve. The dunes are an exceptional site for both the quality of the landscape and its rich botanical diversity. The site was used for military manoeuvres in the 20th Century which is why you can find yourself face to face with the wreck of a military tank.

These dunes are the best site in the Contentin peninsula for Wagga flying close to the ground, alone or in tandem.


Paragliding free session Biville

The best spot in the Dune du Pilat

The Dune du Pilat is a marvel of nature. It’s a must for paragliders who love sand !

Dune du Pyla is located on the commune of La Teste de Buch, near Arcachon, Biscarrosse and Bordeaux in Gironde, new Aquitaine.
It’s the highest sand dune in Europe – 3km long and 100m tall – and is classified as an exceptional national monument. Who could imagine that sand could create such a high mountain here ?

Enjoy an exceptional view of the Banc d’Arguin, the ocean and the Landes forest during a tandem paragliding flight. Paragliding beginners will appreciate this site as a great place to practice speed flying. This is where the Wagga Festival flying competitions take place, which Loulou has taken part in both as a jury member and as a pilot.

Accommodation info: you can stay in one of the campsites which give direct access to the mythical dune – Panorama Camping, the Flots Bleus, the Petit Nice…


Dune du Pilat tandem paraglider

The best spot in Balistra south Corsica

The « Island of Beauty » is really a mountain in the sea… The south of Corsica has many well-hidden secrets. As long as you’re willing to go off the beaten track, the coast and the summits of the Alta Rocca are the perfect places to discover the real, authentic Corsica and an exceptional patrimony. This time round, we discovered Balistra beach on the east coast in the extreme south of Corsica.

Setting off from Porto Vecchio, take the time to drive along the road which takes you to the most beautiful Corsican beaches : Palombaggia, Santa Ghjulia, Rondinara and then move on towards Bonifacio. After 20 minutes’ drive, once you’ve passed Rondinara on the left, a dirt track will take you to the Balistra beach car park. Here, you’ll find kite-surfers, a long beach of fine sand, high land covered with scrub plants and daredevil paragliders ! You’ll soon realise that you might visit Corsica for the first time by chance but you’ll always return there out of love.


Extreme take-off in paragliding tandem in Corsica

The best spot in Granville

Granville is a seaside resort in the department of Manche in Normandy. It is one of the few resorts that has an island district : the Chausey Islands. They form a granite archipelago with the main island located 16 km off the coast of Granville.

Granville’s location on a rocky promontory makes it possible to fly paragliders. Take-off is from the Pointe du Lude in Donville Les Bains, close to the Plat Gousset beach. You can fly over the fortified upper town, over the Christian Dior house and gardens, and go as far as the Pointe du Roc and see the Granville lighthouse.

On a clear day, you can see the Mont-Saint-Michel, which is only 26km away as the crow flies. The Mont-Saint-Michel is a famous rocky islet dedicated to Saint Michael where the famous cathedral of the same name is located, classified as a historical monument and a stopover on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. It is the most visited tourist site in Normandy and one of the ten most visited in France. So if you’re ever in Normandy for sightseeing, consider paragliding to enjoy this magical landscape beneath your feet.


Paragliding waggas Magic Granville

The best spot at Beg Léguer

Beg Leguer beach, also known as Goas Lagorn beach, is part of Lannion, in the Côtes d’Armor department of Brittany.

Close to Perros Guirec, Morlaix and Paimpol, it is the gateway to the pink granite coast, the jewel of Brittany with a thousand colours !

The beach of Beg Leguer is popular with families during the summer season. Its westerly orientation makes it an ideal place to have fun with a paraglider on the paths, and to fly over the beach and its blue-green water in tandem, which often surprises even the regulars, because they often find it hard to imagine that you can take off from here. Let your imagination run wild: with a paraglider wing everything is possible.


Free session paraglider tandem take off from the beach