Prices for a summer paragliding taster flight

In Valloire and Valmeinier in Savoie, during the whole summer we offer flights for children from 5 years old and for adults (max weight 90 kg). For each taster flight, a video recording can be made during the flight by the instructor, don’t forget to ask for it before the departure. Take off in a tandem paraglider in Valmeinier and discover the unique sensation of gliding like a bird. In Valloire and Valmeinier in the Maurienne, discover exceptional landscapes in summer by tandem paragliding with our team of instructors @envergureparapente.

Paraglide in tandem with a state-qualified instructor and discover unique sensations. Whether it’s a contemplative discovery flight, a sensational flight, an educational flight (to discover the pleasures of piloting) or Waggas (proximity flight) …
It’s up to you, it’s the same price !

Do you want a sensational flight? It’s possible… Do you want a quiet flight? It’s possible… Do you want to pilot? It’s possible… We adapt to your wishes, and we take care of everything. Enjoy your flight !

Every day, and depending on the weather conditions of course, we offer flights adapted to everyone.

Paragliding on foot in summer

Accompanied by a team of passionate professionals, take off smoothly after a few steps and enjoy the magic of tandem paragliding.

Let yourself go and admire an exceptional panorama over the Maurienne valley from the sky.

If you’re an amateur of strong sensations: aerobatics, speed flying, piloting, whether you want a calm flight or a sensational flight, there is something for everyone.

For your safety, the flights will only take place if the instructor considers that the meteorological conditions allow it. In the event of bad weather conditions, flights will be cancelled or postponed according to your availability.

Paragliding flight SD card
Video recording of your flight

Immortalise your first flight ! As an option, we offer you a video recording of your flight that you can take home on an SD card provided by us.
Price : €25 + free SD card


Summer flight schedules

The “summer flight” – 1000 m of descent
Two flying sites are available, in the resort or in the valley (in case of strong winds at altitude).

Enjoy a panoramic view of the area in another dimension, thanks to a take-off in a natural landscape above a small mountain village.

Dare yourself, shout, open your eyes wide, we’re flying !

In the event of unfavourable meteorological conditions for flying in the resort, other flying possibilities will be offered to you in the valley.

The “Summer flight”
100 €

  • 1000 m descent
  • 15 to 20 mn flight time
  • Driving discovery
  • Contemplative flight
  • Proximity theft
  • Acrobatics
  • Optional flight video

Book and fly in Valloire Valmeinier with a paraglider !

Taking off in summer
In the summer, the mountains in Valmeinier and Valloire are green and covered in flowers. Marmots bask in the sun while nibbling on fresh blades of grass… While higher up, you’re getting ready to fly a tandem paraglider.
Using the same wing as in winter, but without the skis, the instructor sets you up with the harness. You take a few steps down the grassy slope, the wing inflates and, facing the Aiguilles d’Arves, you take off ! In a few seconds, you’re in the air with the instructor and off you go for an unforgettable moment. What an intense emotion to see this enormous mountain under your feet. You’ll feel light as a feather in altitude !
As you get closer to the landing zone, you’ll slowly stand up and here you are back on earth, looking forward to your next dream visit to the Maurienne !

Flying in VALLOIRE and VALMEINIER is an exceptional gift