Paragliding taster flight

Are you on holiday in Valloire, Valmeinier, les Karellis, St François Longchamps or elsewhere in the valley ? In the heart of the Maurienne valley come and discover the magic of a tandem paragliding flight accompanied by a state-qualified instructor.

The whole ENVERGURE team is waiting for you to share YOUR first paragliding flight in the exceptional setting of the Maurienne valley. We offer you a flight adapted to your desires : alone, with your family, as a couple, in a group or with friends.

From a contemplative flight to an upside down experience, it’s up to you : we’re here to reassure you and share unforgettable moments. An original gift idea, to offer all year round, winter and summer …

Answers to your questions before your first flight :

Who can do it ?

Everybody from 5 years old upwards. Your child wants to try it out ? It’s possible !
In the summer, if you can walk and jog for a few metres, then it’s possible !
In the winter, if you can ski or snowblade on a green or blue slope, then it’s possible ! If you can snowboard on a red slope, then it’s possible !

What equipment do I need for my paragliding tandem flight ?

For a summer flight, we advise you to come equipped as you would for a mountain hike: trousers, jacket, sports shoes adapted to the season and sunglasses.
For a winter flight, come with your skis on, in ski clothes with gloves, sunglasses and helmet. Helmets are available for loan.

Vertigo ?

The feeling of vertigo will disappear as soon as your feet are no longer in contact with the ground !


Being apprehensive is quite normal, like any first time! It disappears and turns into pure happiness a few seconds after take-off.

Take-off or paragliding jump ?

Paragliding jump, a term commonly used by our clients, is not appropriate. It’s important to specify that unlike skydiving or bungee jumping we don’t “jump” into the open air ! We’re not going to jump with the paraglider, instead we walk fast or let ourselves slide on skis to take off gently.

How do I pay for my flight ?

Cheque or cash but no credit cards. Payment is only made at the end of the flight…
And with a smile of course !

For your safety, the flights will only take place if the instructor considers that the meteorological conditions allow it! In the event of bad weather conditions, flights will be cancelled or postponed according to everyone’s availability.


The paraglider glossary

Each “wire that supports us” called hanger can support between 160 and 200 kg … you can still eat some tartiflettes !

You will be installed in a seat, better than in your sofa, facing a giant life-size screen.

You will drive and you will realize how easy it is to turn left or right.

We don’t jump, we leave the ground gently, it’s the canopy that takes us off.

The return to the ground is done gently, one is posed “on eggs without breaking them”.

Paragliding glider
Tandem paraglider sail (size between 38 and 42m2), enough to support us !

Book and fly in Valloire Valmeinier with a paraglider!

With the ENVERGURE paragliding school, take advantage all year round of being able to make your first paragliding flight. Children can fly from the age of 5 years old if they want to. In summer on foot and in winter on skis, contact us by phone to book your flight.
Tandem paragliding flights are available every day for children and adults. You’ll be accompanied by a state-qualified instructor.

If you can walk, you can fly!
To take off you just have to run slowly for 10 to 20 metres and you’ll feel yourself gently taking off. Then, sitting comfortably in a “harness”, you’ll enjoy these unforgettable sensations as if you were sitting on a sofa in front of the television, but here, a giant life-size screen will unfold in front of you, in 3 dimensions and with no need for 3D glasses.

A few beautiful pictures of a Maurienne paragliding baptism in summer with Envergure

Some beautiful pictures of a Maurienne paragliding baptism in winter with Envergure.